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A-level/JC/H2/H1 Math/Maths/Mathematics @Kovan MRT/Hougang

A-level/JC/H2/H1 Math/Maths/Mathematics @Kovan MRT/Hougang

JC Tuition – H2 and H1 Math classes are conducted by Mr Ong. Each lesson comprises of in-depth concept discussions and practice on various type of  questions which will cover the width and depth of the topic. Important mathematical concept will be highlighted when going through the solutions of the selected  questions.

Mr Ong will ensure that each student understand each key concept and apply correctly to the question according to the requirement of A-Level standard.

All  topical exercises are specially selected from past year promo, prelim and A Level papers to cover the scope of each topic. Useful and concise notes for each topic will be given to the students to help them to understand concepts faster without going through lecture notes. These would enable all students to prepare and revise whenever needed.

Examination skills to analyse questions and smart check tactics will be taught during the lessons. This will help students understand better and build up their confidence in their exam.


Useful concise notes are available on the following topics.

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In general, Mathematics is a common pre-requisite for many courses in the university

H1 Mathematics is designed to provide students with a foundation in mathematics and statistics that will support their business or social sciences studies at the university. The syllabus aims to equip students with the skills to analyse and interpret data and to make informed decisions.

H2 Mathematics is designed to prepare students for a range of university courses, including mathematics, sciences and related courses, where a good foundation in mathematics is required. It develops mathematical thinking and reasoning sk9lls that are essential for further learning of mathematics. Through the applications of mathematics, students also develop an appreciation of mathematics and its connections to other disciplines and to the real world.

H2 Further Mathematics is designed for students who are mathematically inclined and who wish to further expand and deepen their knowledge of mathematics and its applications. Students will develop advanced mathematical thinking and reasoning skills and learn a wider range of mathematics methods and tools. This will give a head-start to students who plan to study mathematics or mathematics-related university courses such as science and engineering in the form of a stronger and richer foundation in mathematics. H2 Further Mathematics is to be taken with H2 Mathematics as ‘Double Mathematics.


0. Bridging Notes

Surds Indices Logs Expo Concise Notes

Basic Trigonometry Concise Notes

Remainder Thm & Quad Fn Concise Notes

Approximation of Solution Eqns Concise Notes

Trigonometry Graph-Eqn-Appx Concise Notes

Trigonometry Identites Concise Notes

1.  Partial Fraction

Partial Fractions Concise Notes

2.  Inequilities

Inequalities Concise Notes

3.  Binomial Expansions & MI  

Binomial Theorem & MI Concise Notes

4.  Functions

Functions Concise Notes

5.  Transformation and Graphing Techniques

Standard Curve Concise Notes

Transformations Concise Notes

6.  Arithmetic and Geometric Progressive and Summation Notation

AP GP Concise Notes

Summations and Series Concise Notes

7.  Differentation and Application

Differentiation Formulae Concise Notes

Differentiation Concise Notes

Application of Differentiation Consice Notes

8.  Maclaurin’s Series

Maclaurin’s Theorem Concise Notes

9.  Integration and Application

Integration Formulae Concise Notes

Integration Techniques Concise Notes

Applications of Integration 1 Concise Notes

Applications of Integration 2 Concise Notes

10. Vectors

Vectors Defn & Basic Thm Concise Notes

Vectors Lines & Planes Concise Notes

Vectors Planes Concise Notes

11. Complex Numbers

12. Differential Equations

Differential Equations Concise Notes

13. Permutations and Combinations

 Permutations and Combinations Concise Notes

14. Probability

Probalility Concise Notes

15. Binomial and Poisson Distributions

Binomial Poisson Normal Distributions Concise Notes

16. Normal Distributions

17. Sampling and Hypothesis Testing

Sampling & Estimate & HypoTest Concise Notes 

18. Correlation and Regression


2015 March Holiday Revision

2015 MHR Complex Numbers Soln


H2 Math Class

A Levels Papers Answer Key (2007 – 2012)

Selected Questions from A level Solution

18 Apr 2014 A Level H2 Math Mock Paper 1


2013 CJC MA H2 P1 Prelim soln

2013 CJC MA H2 P2 Prelim soln

2014 IJC MA H2 P1 Prelim soln

2014 IJC MA H2 P2 Prelim soln


Math Nuggets

30min AP & GP Nugget 1

30min AP & GP Nugget 2

30min MOD Nuggets 1

30min MOD Nuggets 2

30min Inequalities Nugget 1

30min Inequalities Nugget 2

30min RR Nugget 1

30min RR Nugget 2



Differentiation & Application FQA 1

Differential Equations FAQ 1

Complex Numbers FAQ 1


GCE A Level H2 Math solutions



2013 H2 Math A Level P1 P2 soln

GCE A Level H1 Math Solutions

2013 A level MA H1 soln


A Level Math H2 Practice Papers

A level Math H2 Practice 01 P1

A level Math H2 Practice 01 P1 soln

A level Math H2 Practice 01 P2

A level Math H2 Practice 01 P2 soln

A level Math H2 Practice 02 P1

A level Math H2 Practice 02 P1 soln

A level Math H2 Practice 02 P2

A level Math H2 Practice 02 P2 soln

A level Math H2 Practice 03 P1

A level Math H2 Practice 03 P1 soln

A level Math H2 Practice 03 P2

A level Math H2 Practice 03 P2 soln

A level Math H2 Practice 04 P1

A level Math H2 Practice 04 P1 soln

A level Math H2 Practice 04 P2

A level Math H2 Practice 04 P2 soln

A level Math H2 Practice 05 P1

A level Math H2 Practice 05 P1 soln

A level Math H2 Practice 05 P2

A level Math H2 Practice 05 P2 soln


2013 A Level Math P1 Tested Tpoics

2014 A level P2 Math – Possible Pure Math Topics

2014 A level P2 – Possible Pure Math Topics


 Mock Papers

2015 MA H1 P1 Mock Paper

2015 MA H2 P1 Mock Paper

2015 MA H2 P1 Mock Paper soln