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One.Tution Place students are encouraged to continue learning beyond the classroom.  Online FAQ resources with fully worked-out solutions are available to the students to equip them with handy strategies to handle higher order thinking questions




Useful concise notes and with exam questions as examples

are available on the following topics.

Please contact 98639633 or 96790479

1 .  Arithematic

2.  Indices

3.  Variation

4.  Mensuration

5.  Mensuration

6.  Coordinate Geometry

7.  Quadratic Equations

8.  Graphs and Graphical solution of Equation

9.  Kinematics

10. Congruent and Similar Triangles

11. Area and Volume of Similar Figures and Solids

12. Symmetry

13. Trigonometry

14. Bearing and Three-Dimensional Problems

15. Geometrical Properties of Angles and Circles

16. Polygons

17. Liners  Inequalities

18. Simple Constructions and Loc1

19. Satatistics

20. Cumulative Frequency Distribution

21. Vectors

22. Transformations

23. Probability

24. Number Patterns and Problem Solving.