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Mr Ong

Subjects Taught: Chemistry, Physics, Math (for all H1 and H2 levels), IP and IB Programme

A Level Tutor – Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics 

Mr Ong is our tuition centre’s highly-regarded Physics, Chemistry & Math Tutor.

Mr Ong graduated from NUS in Mechanical Engineering with 2nd Class Honors. He was an ex-teacher who gave supplementary classes to students on Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. He has been teaching for more than 15 years and has helped many students to achieve their desired grades. He has also taught in SINDA in Physics, Chemistry and Math and helped many Junior College students to achieve good results.

With more than 15 years of teaching experience in the areas of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, Mr Ong’s unique style of teaching caters to students with different learning abilities.

Both an analytical and patient tutor, Mr Ong is able to identify where the student’s academic weaknesses are and commits his time in helping them improve.

Mr Ong goes beyond the text book by relating his teachings to real life examples and situations because he believes that this will stimulate interest in his students and help them understand their work with greater ease. As such, this indirectly prepares them for the challenges that they would face in the working world in future.

Being a good motivator, Mr Ong has helped many students who were barely passing their subjects to become straight-As students.

Learning from Mr Ong does not stop after classes because he frequently corresponds with his students through SMSes and emails whenever the students encounter problems in their studies. This is especially helpful for students who have last minute questions & clarifications before major examinations.

For 2011 to 2014 A level results, 85% of the students scored A and B for the subjects taught by Mr Ong, testament that his teaching techniques are effective. 



Qualification: Bachelor of Laws (LLB – Hons) National University of Singapore, Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore

Subjects Taught: General Paper (A Level),

Secondary 1-4

Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English, Social Studies, Geography,E Math, A Math

General Paper/GP A Level Tutor / Secondary 1 to 4 English

Aaron is a Law Graduate from the National University of Singapore and is called to the Singapore bar as  Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore. His areas of studies and interests at NUS include International Law and Company Law. He specializes in General Paper and English and has previously studied in Victoria School and Victoria Junior College. Aaron also belongs to a select group who majored in the triple science combination at O Levels and at A Levels.

General Paper (A Levels)

His teaching method involves an extremely in-depth analysis of current affairs to allow students to be updated with the latest news and to critically discuss all relevant issues pertaining to such news. There would also be many opportunities for students to practice various comprehension papers and essay questions. Aaron trains his students to be able to recognise various question types from comprehension papers in order to equip them with the requisite language skills to be able to precisely craft out the answers to these question. Thorough guidance will be given for the Application Question and ample Singapore-specific examples will be covered during class in order to help students  form arguments and develop their answers to the Application Question.  

Thorough comments and feedback would be given for essays written by students and short consultations can be arranged before or after classes so that students are able to find out where their weaknesses are and how they can improve upon it.

Secondary 1-4 (All Subjects)

Aaron also teaches students from secondary schools and is competent to teach all subjects which makes it extremely flexible for students who wish to clarify any questions they may be facing in their secondary school subjects. His adopts a dynamic teaching method which caters to students from a diversity of backgrounds and he closely mentors and monitors the progress of his students. Aaron uses a teaching technique which facilitates a student’s self-interest in learning and also trains his students to develop good learning habits as he constantly encourages and motivates his students to do well.

Aaron has teaching experience of about 7 years and is fully qualified to teach at an individual or classroom based setting. He has also taught at SINDA



Subjects Taught: Chemistry (for all H1 and H2 levels), IP and IB

Chemistry A Level Tutor

Alvin is currently pursuing his Doctor of Medicine (MD) at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School.He graduated with a Masters of Pharmacy (with honours) from Prestigious UK University, King’s College London. Besides topping his class in his first year of university, he also won a book prize for being top in a chemistry module. While in university, Alvin was given a scholarship for academic excellence, which was awarded to less than 1% of the cohort. He had also obtained research funding from UK’s biological science research council to pursue research in university.

Alvin studied in Raffles Institution and Raffles Junior College, and belonged to a small group of students in Singapore who scored a distinction in H3 Chemistry.

Alvin has 10 years of tutoring experience teaching Junior College students chemistry. He taught at Raffles Institution during his holiday break in University. He has also taught Chemistry at SINDA and helped many JC students achieve good results. His years of teaching have empowered him to help the students to perform well in A Level Exam. Alvin uses simple and interesting analogies in his lessons to help his students understand the chemistry concepts with ease and making Chemistry alive. He emphasizes on the deep understanding on concepts, analysis of the questions and effective answering techniques

Most importantly, Alvin is able to equip students with the ability to handle integrated questions and to appreciate the linkage between various topics, especially in the organic chemistry. Under his exceptional guidance and interactive class discussions and peer learning, many of his students changed their view of chemistry, from being their most feared subject to their favourite subject. 



Subjects Taught: O-Level Chemistry & Physics 

Adriel is currently pursuing his Doctor of Medicine (MD) at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School.He graduated with a degree in psychology (with honours). He is in the Dean list for 3 years and was awarded the alumni bookshop prize (top student award) in 2014.

Adriel has been tutoring and specializing in O-level Chemistry & Physics for more than 5 years. Throughout these years, he has gathered a vast inventory of useful notes and questions from various schools which form the basis of his teaching materials. He has coached students of different caliber and aptitude for Chemistry and Physics. Hence he is able to identify where the students’ academic weaknesses are and adapts his teaching methods to help them improve. Very often, he has helped many students, who were failing or barely passing their Chemistry and Physics, to score A in their finals and even secure scholarships.

With years of teaching experiences, Adriel is able to go beyond the text book by relating teachings to real life examples and situations. Through the sharing of his work, it provides contextual relevance, stimulates interest, and helps students understand the subject with greater ease and purpose.

Adriel’s approach starts from ensuring the primary concepts (atomic structure, chemical bonding, redox, Dynamics, Kinematics, Forces etc) are thoroughly understood. Once these concepts are understood, relatively difficult chapters such as Mole, Acids & Bases, Current of Electricity and Electromagnetic, become more manageable. He will then engage the students in practice questions to strengthen and reinforce that understanding.

 Adriel is easily contacted through Whatsapp, SMSes and emails whenever students encounter problems in their studies. This is especially helpful for students who have last minute questions & clarifications before their major examinations.


Mr Tan

Subjects Taught: Biology

Biology A Level Tutor

Mr Tan has more than 6 years of Biology tutoring experience, Mr Tan graduated from National Junior College (NJC) and also belongs to a handful of students each year for Biology Special Paper (H3 Biology). Mr Tan graduated from NUS Pharmacy with Second Upper Honors, he was specially selected to spend one year working for a biotechnology company while studying entrepreneurship lessons at the University of Pennsylvania.

With a track record of having 80-85% of all students scoring As & B grade in his career, Mr Tan is a firm believer that the study of Biology should be fun and enjoyable. One of his hallmarks is his passion in teaching from the student’s perspective and sharing his personal experiences and study tips to facilitate effective learning. As a result, students feedback that he is very approachable as he is able to relate to them.

Mr Tan’s approach is to review fundamental biological concepts and reduce misconceptions before exposing students to the proper skills required to answer higher-order thinking questions. Mr Tan finds it extremely fulfilling to impart his knowledge and share interesting topics beyond the syllabus. For example, stories of landmark discoveries and interesting facts in Biology, of  which according to his students, has been tremendously helpful in tackling application based questions.

As a firm believer that ‘attitude is everything’, Mr Tan integrates good studying habits and time management skills into his lessons. Improvements from a U grade to an A grade is possible only if the student takes ownership in his/her studies and put in their hard work, under Mr.Tan’s guidance.


Diana Goh

Subjects Taught: Biology

Biology A Level Tutor

Ms Diana Goh is an alumnus of National Junior College (NJC) and the National University of Singapore (NUS). During her time in NJC, she was bestowed the Stars of Shine Youth Inspiration Award, being one of the two most inspiring local youths in Singapore. Subsequently, she was featured on TV and various newspaper.

While in university, her academic performance won her a place on the Dean’s list of the NUS Science Faculty, coming in top 5% of her cohort. Diana is a MOE Teaching Scholar. Diana graduated from NUS with a First Class Honours in Life Science, and was also awarded NUSS Medal for Outstanding Achievement, placing her as the Best Graduate of her cohort that year. Upon graduation, Dina attained her Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from National Institute of Education and is a full-fledged MOE teacher in service.

Through her 6 years of experience and a passion for the work she’s doing, Ms Goh has a track record of 80% of her students achieving an A and 15% B. Diana enjoys her work and loves her students, so giving all the encouragement and motivation they needed when the going gets tough. In the learning and teaching of JC Biology, she believes in the need to see the connection between science and our everyday lives. As a matter of fact, in her classroom she tries to anchor learning to the real world context


Ryan Goh

Subjects Taught: Economics

Economics A Level Tutor

Ryan Goh is a current full time teacher with 13 years of experience. Graduating with a First Class Honours Degree in Economics from NUS, Ryan’s academic forte also won him several recognitions from the University. He was placed on the Dean’s List for 8 consecutive semesters, the Vice Chancellor’s List, and also an active student under University Scholars Programme. Besides, he was awarded the Lee Kuan Yew Book Prize for being the top economics student in his final year examinations. Ryan has coached many students in Economics, helping them to achieve an ability to integrate Economics in class to the bigger world outside.Many of his students obtained Distinctions, and several even pursued their degrees in Economics and started work at prestigious local and oversea firms in banking, insurance, trade and business sectors.

Ryan’s teaching methods center on key examination skills, designed to help students score a distinction for their A levels. To help students memorize the key examination requirements, Ryan invented a simple set of acronym: S.R.J.C.

            S = Scope

              R = Rigour

              J = Judgement

              C = Context

Scope constitutes the foundation of your essay and every distinction essay must cover all the question requirements. In class, Ryan will be spending a great deal of time showing students the various kinds of potential examination questions and how to identify the scope of the essay.



Mr Phua

Subjects Taught: Economics (for all H1 and H2 levels)

Economics A Level Tutor 

Mr Phua, an ex lecturer, is our tuition centre’s highly regarded economics tutor.  He has more than 10 years of tutoring experience.  Through his dedicated teaching, he has coached many students to obtain distinction in A level examinations.  A number of them have managed to secure prestigious scholarships. Mr Phua’s forte lies in his ability to break down complicated economic concepts into clear and understandable terms.  This is especially helpful to A level students who are new to the subject.

With insightful approach, Mr Phua actively engages his students to see the relevance of economics to the practical realities of everyday living.  In doing so, students can better appreciate the theoretical economic concepts learned to be applied to examination questions.



Jaslene Tan

Subjects Taught: Economics

Economics A Level Tutor

Ms Jaslene Tan is an alumnus of National University of Singapore (NUS). She has been conferred the Bachelor in Arts (Economics). Upon graduation, Ms Tan decided to realise her passion for teaching and thus, she continued to pursue Post-graduate studies in Education at National Institute. She has recently completed her Post-graduate studies in Education, which further helped to hone teaching and learning strategies.

Through her 5 years of experience and a passion in teaching, Ms Tan has a track record of 80% of her students achieving an A and B. Private students who were taught by Ms Tan who either did not have any prior knowledge with regards to Economics or who had previously not done well in Economics also achieving A in the A-Level Exam.

Relating to real-life concrete examples, Ms Tan makes a conscientious effort to ensure that the students under her care are able to grasp the abstract concepts of Economics


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