A Level General Paper

To facilitate out of class learning and to ensure that GP students at One.Tuition Place adopt good writing habits, students are strongly encouraged to write short paragraphs from essay questions which have been assigned in class. These assignments are submitted to our tutor (Mr Aaron) who will give thorough comments and make useful recommendations on how to improve writing by making detailed editorial comments where applicable.

  1. In this digital age, do newspapers have a role in your society
  2. Little India Riots
  3. Societal Values (Corrections)
  4. Is the elimination of global poverty a realistic aim
  5. The world would be a better place if more political leaders were women._ What is your view
  6. Scientific progress results in mankind’s regression. How true is this in today’s world
  7. Discuss the claim that in the modern world, people should care more about international than national issues

To ensure that GP students at One.Tuition Place excel in their examinations, our tutor (Mr Aaron) personally reviews all graded school exams and assignments. Detailed comments and analysis on areas of further improvement will be provided as feedback for our students. Mr Aaron would also arrange for consultations to give personal feedback if required or on request by students.

  1. School Exam Essay Review 1
  2. School Exam Essay Review 2
  3. School Exam Essay Review 3
  4. School Exam Essay Review 4
  5. School Exam Comprehension Review 1
  6. School Exam Comprehension Review 2