Testimonials – Mr. Ong

Mr Ong – Extremely Dedicated Teacher 

Mr Ong is an extremely dedicated math and physics teacher who makes an effort to know and understand the problems each of us encounter in our studies. Armed with years of experiences and extensive resources and notes, he is able to provide us the most up to date approach to score well in our examination.

He often preaches about the importance of diligence and motivates us to study harder by relating his personal experience when he was a student. Furthermore he tries to play an active role in our A level journey by reaching out to us even outside of class via the use of friendly-based website where students are free to ask him questions at any time of the day.

I sincerely thank Mr Ong for his contribution in moulding my life. Last but not least, during my A level exam, I lost my GC and I need it for the next Physics paper. I remember Mr Ong told us, call me any time when you need me during the exam. Immediately I call him and he is so willingly to lend me his GC.

I wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

Zi Hao CJC


Mr Ong – Great Tutor

Mr Ong is a great tutor, clear, precise and direct, he  goes straight in the the question and problem. He teaches us in the clear manner, making use of slide shows to illustrate the point. He will go through detailed steps and break down complex concepts into simple form so that all the students can grasp it. He is precise and always going straight to our root problems, even if it means reteaching the fundamentals of the topic. He is direct, going straight to only things that matter and leaving those less relevant parts for later discussion.

Mr Ong ensures that we do not just know how to solve the problem but that we understand key concepts which the question was based on. He is a excellent teacher with years of experience, and with his wide resource base, is a capable teacher for anyone who requires help in Chemistry, Physics and Math. He goes beyond his means to ensure he still has our attention by sponsoring drinks when we have more than one lesson in a row.

He open up the tuition centre as a place to study near the exam period and he also give us private tutoring when we need it. He is a caring and capable teacher, perfect for anyone who needs special attention to a subject

Samuel Lim CJC


Mr Ong – Very Patient and Friendly Tutor

Throughout these two years you have guided me in the most of my A-level subjects (Physics Maths and Chemistry). To be honest I have never seen a better tutor than you. You are so resourceful and very helpful and that put you ahead of many of my school tutors.

I am luck to have met you. Coincidentally, from the tuition place I have attended almost all my life. You are very patient and friendly with all of us and probably the first tutor do not make a fuss about eating  in class even buying snacks for us without a doubt.

You are one of the best tutor explaining difficult concepts of the topic and pinpointing the more critical points.

Darrell Ong NYJC


Mr Ong – Patient and Approachable teacher

Mr Ong is a very patient and approachable teacher. He is always willing to answer my questions, whether inside or out of class. He has made Maths more interesting for me, often introducing different perspectives to solving a problem and extending the question to involve more mathematical logic. He causes me to think deeply about the question instead of blindly solving it. Mr Ong has strengthened my math foundations considerably even though I only joined him in JC2. Thanks for your great teaching Mr Ong!”

Genevieie RI


Mr Ong – Clear Explanations and Systematic Teaching

Since I started attending Mr Ong’s lessons, my math grades showed constant improvement. With his clear explanations and systematic steps in solving problems that makes revision much easier for me, I was able to apply the mathematical concepts better. Mr Ong also provides very good worksheets that gave us exposure to a wide range of questions that often come in handy during exams. His lessons complement the school’s teaching very well. I strongly recommend Mr Ong’s lessons for those who need a thorough and patient teaching.

Nur Huda Ria Private Student


Mr Ong – Teaches from the heart

I join Mr Ong’s Physics tuition in J2.  The first thing that strikes me about Mr Ong is that he is indeed a teacher who teaches from the heart and teaching is in his blood. What makes him so special is not only his heart to teach, it is also his personality. Despite being our teacher he has is still able to bond with the class from cater to the need of all students even the weakest student like me. In my opinion, a teacher cannot effectively communicate his or her knowledge without first bonding with the class. I’ve never enjoyed a lesson so thoroughly and learnt so much at the same time.

Mr Ong has a very good concise note that makes the students interested in learning more of physics. It serves as a very good quick reference when we are practising our exam questions. In conclusion, I will STRONGLY recommend him to anyone who needs Physics tuition.

Vivian Ho NYJC 


Mr Ong – Deicated Tutor

Mr Ong is a dedicated tutor, who explains difficult physics concepts in a clear and concise manner. Being a dedicated tutor, he will answer all our questions when we Whatsapp him, sometime pass midnight. He is very patient and always willing to repeat his explanations in a different ways, which is impressive.

He makes his explanations so clear even the most difficult topics like Superposition and Quantum Physics. After attending his lesson, I am able to do my tutorial and exam questions. Specially selected exam practices have helped me to conquer some of my initial fears of attempting such challenging questions. Thank you for helping me so much in my A level. Though it was only slightly less than a year, I have learnt so much from you!

Max Lim TPJC


Mr Ong – Friendly and Patient Teacher

I joined Mr Ong’s Math tuition in the midst of J2, and I’ve learnt so much from him in just a few months. He’s a very friendly and patient teacher who made Math an easier subject for me. He takes time to prepare for his students many useful notes which summarize each and every chapter, which allowed me to better understand each chapter easily. To be honest, he’s one of the best Math tutor I’ve ever met.

Mr Ong helped me improve my Math grades by so much from S to A in A level, thanks a lot for your guidance and tutoring. You are a really great teacher

Cheryl Toh NYJC


Kudos to the Mr Ong

“I have benefited enormously from the guidance and teaching I received from Mr Ong for my A level Chemistry tuition.  Mr Ong make learning much more effective due to their concise teaching and lesson materials. I signed up for Chemistry tuition about 1 month before the A level examinations. Within that short period of time I have gained much both in terms of knowledge and confidence towards the subjects and was able to score A in both subjects. Kudos to the Mr Ong and the tuition center.”

Charlotte Tan RVHS

Mr  Ong – Encouraging Tutor

“The Chemistry tutor Mr Ong  is very Encouraging Tutor. Through these few lessons of Chemistry, I managed to clear my doubts on certain topics that I could not understand before. He has also boosted my self-confidence. In the past, I used to be very afraid of Chemistry papers as I fear that I would not do well. I was ‘enlightened’ by what Mr Ong said about taking our examination without any fear and stress, and I managed to relax when I did the papers for my A levels.”

Wong Li Xin RVHS
Mr Ong – Kind and Caring Tutors

“The centre provides useful and concise notes into an easily digestible package. There is a good balance between concept teaching and practice of questions. The studying environment is conducive and suitable for learning. Mr Ong is kind and caring tutor, and go out of the way to help students.”

Lim Jun Yi RVHS
Mr Ong – Hallmark of an Excellent Teacher

“Going for this tuition has given me the empowerment and immense motivation to strive for excellence. The cordial atmosphere and passionate teachers have made the learning environment more than ideal. The Chemistry tutor Mr Ong has been a highly inspirational & dedicated teacher who never fails to give his undivided attention to all students of varying academic capabilities. Through his pristine mentorship, I have acquired skills not only in chemistry but also in other areas of life that such as time and stress management which will be applicable in future. He is truly the Hallmark of an Excellent Teacher.”

Daren Poh VJC

Mr Ong – Devoted Tutors

“Under the guidance of the Chemistry tutor Mr Ong, I managed to clear all of my doubts! He has never failed to encourage us and even bothered to take time off after tuition (he even attends to calls/smses!!) to give us extra help on Chemistry! With such devoted tutor, a conducive studying environment and the ever-friendly staff, A-Level Tuition Centre has definitely made learning easier, and good grades more achievable with hard work! I’m proud to have improved from an E to a B grade for my final exams.”

Doreen Ang SAJC