Testimonials – Mr. Alvin

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A Level Chemistry Tuition Singapore/JC Tuition – Testimonials

Mr Alvin – Exceptional Chemistry Tutor

Alvin is an exceptional chemistry tutor as he has deep and extensive knowledge of the subject many other teachers do not even come close to possess through his studies in pharmacy and medicine.  Hence, he’s able to truly explain and teach us rather than simply regurgitating what notes and guidebooks already offer.Through the few lessons with him, it is obvious that he is extremely well-versed in chemistry.  Even the simplest of “formulas” and “mechanisms” are taught in detail, sometimes adding on with supplementary background knowledge.  Most importantly, he is able to communicate with us and teach in a way we can comprehend and understand.

Marcus Ng TPJC


Mr Alvin – Knowledgeable and Patient Tutor

Mr Alvin is a very knowledgeable and patient tutor who has taught me well. Although I’ve only joined his Chemistry tuition for a few months, I’ve learnt a lot from him. After joining his classes, my Chemistry grades showed constant and great improvements. He made Chemistry an easier and interesting subject for me.

Mr Alvin who helped me so much in Chemistry, thanks a lot for your teachings. You are a great tutor. 🙂

Cheryl Toh NYJC


Mr Alvin – Very Patient Tutor

He explains the concepts step by step so that we can understand the reason behind the working/solution.

He listens to every student and answers their questions fully which benefits other students too. He is a very patient tutor.

He knows how to teach students with different level rate of understanding.

Stella Kim CJC


Mr Alvin – Very Knowledgeable Teacher

Mr Alvin is a very knowledgeable teacher such that whenever we ask him any question, he is able to answer it easily and clearly.  The way he teaches makes even the weakest student in chemistry (like me) able to understanding fully what he taught.

Omariah TPJC 


Mr Alvin – Very Capable Teacher

Mr Alvin teaches us how to  interpret the question fully and explain to us clearly rather than just going through the standard solution like  other tutors did.

Students understand better and can apply his method of learning to any other questions from different topics.

Mr Alvin is able to teach at a level that students can understand. He is a very capable teacher 

Jang HeeEun CJC 


Mr Alvin – Awesome Teacher

Mr Alvin can explain questions well and repeat the explanation in easier way if students cannot understand.  He also gives additional information about chemistry which are mostly useful.  He shows no hesitation when he teach students, very knowledgeable and can deliver the knowledge he has to students in comprehensive way.

Mr Alvin explain complex concepts by breaking them into simpler form so that all the students can understand easily and apply correctly in the exam questions. He is an awesome teacher.

Yoon Sun YJC 


Mr Alvin – Very Caring Teacher 

Mr Alvin explains questions in great detail and will help us revise concepts that are required in answering the questions.

Mr Alvin has vast knowledge on chemistry and will take the effort to tell us extra information that can help us in remembering concepts. He helps me to overcome my most fear subject to most enjoyable and best  subject. He is also very caring teacher.

Nicola Koay HCI