Testimonials – Mr. Adriel

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O Level Chemistry  & Physics Tuition Singapore – Testimonials

Mr Adriel – Awesome and Patient Teacher

Mr Adriel is  an AWESOME Chemistry and Physics teacher! Thanks so much for helping me LOVE Chemistry and appreciate Physics. Thanks for patiently teaching me and helping me ACE my exam under your guidance. I have improved and gain a lot of confident in both subjects. Thanks for not giving up on me when I feel like giving up! Thanks a lot once again. Although, I am graduating this year but your care and method of teaching will be miss by me!

Elfrida (S4 Physics & Chemistry)


Mr Adriel – Approachable and Extra Miles Teacher

Mr Adriel teaches me Physics and Chemistry at a comfortable pace and the notes provided are very good and they are the summarized of the information in the textbook. It makes it easier for me to understand and remember better. Important learning points will be highlighted to us so that we know the different areas we should focus on when studying. Most important I can apply these concepts well in the exam question. Mr Adriel is very approachable and willing to go for extra miles to the students who need extra help. One.Tuition Place is a very pleasant environment has also made it easier for me to concentrate during lessons.

Tommy Yeo  (S4 Physics & Chemistry)


Mr Adriel – Patient and Approachable Teacher

Mr Adriel is a very patient and approachable teacher. He is always willing to answer my questions, whether inside or out of class. He has made Chemistry and Physics more interesting for me, often introducing different perspectives to solving a problem and extending the question to involve logical thinking process. He causes me to think deeply about the question instead of blindly solving it.

Mr Adriel has strengthened my Chemistry and Physics foundations considerably even though I only joined him in Secondary 4. Thanks for your great teaching Mr Adriel!

Cherie Tan (S4 Physics & Chemistry)


Mr Adriel – Caring and Extra Miles Teacher

Mr Adriel is a very caring teacher and willing to help me at any time. Explanation of concepts is crystal clear and easily understood. The lesson is very interactive and fun. It reduces the stress level of O Level Exam. He always gives exam tips in order to score well and how to look out for questions that we might be tested in the exam. He also teaches us how to memorize chemistry facts in an easy way. 

Mr Adriel also goes all the way out to ensure that students understand the concepts even the weaker student can understand. Challenging questions are given to us in order to help us in the higher order thinking process. I strongly recommend Mr Adriel if you are looking for upper secondary Physics and Chemistry tuition

Neo Wen Hong (S4 Physics & Chemistry)