Lower Sec – S1 Science


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Our Lower Secondary Science Tuition Programme

Our programme is structured to establish a strong foundation in all three areas of Science so that students will be well-equipped with the thinking skills to tackle their Science subject combination of Chemistry, Physics and Biology at Secondary 3 and Secondary 4. Through our unique teaching methodology which focuses on developing a deep understanding on the essential scientific principles in Chemistry, Physics and Biology, our students find it easier to retain new information and to apply these concepts during their examinations. Our teachers facilitate learning at their students’ own pace such that they can excel and thrive.

Customised Lessons

Our lessons are specially prepared by our teachers to suit students of all levels. Students of all learning abilities will be able to benefit and remain engaged during our lessons. Our customised lessons would accelerate students’ learning and generate sustained interest in their academics.

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Lower Secondary Science (Chemistry, Physics & Biology) Tuition Singapore


1.  Atoms, Ions and Molecules

2.  Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

3.  Solutions and Suspensions

4. Acids and Bases

5. Separating Mixtures

6. Classifications of Materials 

7. The Particulate Model of Matter

8. Changing Matter


1. The Scientific Endeavour

2. Physical Quantities and Measurement

3. Speed and Density

4. Forces and Pressure

5. Work and Moments of Forces

6. Energy as a Resources

7. Sound

8. Effects and Transmission of Heat

9. Light

10. Electricity

11. Practical Electricity


1. Cells

2. Movement of Substances

3. Digestion

4.  Transportation in Living Things

5. Photosynthesis and Respiration

6. Reproduction in Humans

7. Sex Issues

8. Classification of Living Things