O Level – Biology

O-Level Biology Tuition Singapore/Biology Tutor

Our dedicated and experienced tutors conduct the secondary 3 and 4 classes for both Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Each lesson often begins with a 10 minutes recap session on the previous week’s work as rehearsal allows knowledge to be committed into the long-term memory store. Meta-learning skills such as Robinson’s (1970) SQ3R method (survey, question, read, recite and review) are taught to students for more effective reading of their textbooks.

In general, classes are conducted in a lecture-tutorial fashion. Lectures provide a macro view on the topic and explain concepts and definitions by integrating real-life examples. On the other hand, tutorials are conducted on a question-centric basis whereby students will be taught how to apply these concepts and answer exam questions in a succinct manner.

Useful concise notes and with exam questions as examples

are available on the following topics.

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1.  Cell Structure and Organisation

2.  Movement of Substances

3.  Biological Molecules

4.  Animal Nutrition

5.  Plant Nutrition

6. Transport in Flowering Plants

7.  Transport in Humans

8.  Respiration

9.  Excretion

10. Homeostasis

11. Co-ordination and response

12. Reproduction

13. Cell Division

14. Molecular Genetics

15. Inheritance

16. Organisms and their Environment