O Level – A Math

O-Level A Maths Tuition Singapore, Additional Mathematics Tuition

Secondary Tuition – Additional and Elementary Math classes are conducted by teams of awesome and patient teachers. Each lesson comprises of in-depth concept discussions and practice on various type of questions which will cover the width and depth of the topic. Important mathematical concept will be highlighted when going through the solutions of the selected questions.

Teachers will ensure that each student understand each key concept and apply correctly to the question according to the requirement of O-Level standard. All topical exercises are specially selected from past year prelim and O Level papers to cover the scope of each topic. It equips our students with the competency in handling unfamiliar or complex mathematical problems. Higher-order questions and open questions to help students focus on key concepts, deepen their understanding, make connections, and apply mathematical ideas and skills in different contexts

Useful and concise notes for each topic will be given to the students to help them to understand concepts faster without going through lecture notes. These would enable all students to prepare and revise whenever needed. Examination skills to analyse questions and smart check tactics will be taught during the lessons. This will help students understand better and build up their confidence in their exam.


Useful concise notes and with exam questions as examples are

available on the following topics.

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1.   Quadratic equations and inequalities

2.  Indices and surds

3.  Polynomials

4.  Simultaneous equations in two unknowns

5.  Partial fractions

6.  Binomial expansions

7.  Exponential, logarithmic and modulus functions

8.  Trigonometric functions, identities and equations

9.  Coordinate geometry in two dimensions

10. Proofs in plane geometry

11. Differentiation

12. Integration