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Lower Secondary Math Tuition Singapore

Lower Secondary Math FAQ  

Lower Secondary Math Tuition Singapore/Math Tutor Lower Sec Level @Kovan MRT

Lower Secondary Math Tuition Singapore @Kovan MRT

One.Tution Place students are encouraged to continue learning beyond the classroom.  Online FAQ resources with fully worked-out solutions are available to the students to equip them with handy strategies to handle higher order thinking questions



Secondary 1

1.  Factors and Multiples

2.  Integers

3. Rational Numbers

4. Estimation and Approximation

5. Fundamental Algebra

6. Number Sequences

7. Algebraic Equations and Simple Inequalities

8. Perimeter and Area of Simple Geometrical Figures

9. Volume and Surface Area

10. Ratio, Rate and Speed

11. Percentages

12. Functions and Graphs

Secondary 2

1. Congruence and Similarity

2. Direct and Inverse Proportions

3. Expansion and Factorisation of Algebraic Expressions

4. Algebraic Manipulation and Fornulae

5. Simultaneous Linear Equations

6. Pythagoras’ Theorem

7. Volume and Surface Area

8. Graph of Linear Equations in Two Unknowns

9. Graph of Quadratic Equations

10. Set language and Notation

11. Statistics

12. Probability